B4B IT builds B2B SAAS solutions.

Privacy & Data Protection

B4B IT processes a large amount of data from our customers, who are using the services provided by B4B IT, and our customers’ customers (consumers). Both the customer and the consumer are invaluable to B4B IT. Therefore it is extremely important to B4B IT to ensure careful and secure processing of the customer’s and the consumer’s data.

Data Processor vs Controller

It is important to clarify the role of B4B IT within the context of GDPR. B4B IT respects your privacy and your data processing rights and is committed to protecting the personal data we process.

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Data Processing Addendum

We make it easy for B4B IT customers to sign and submit our Data Processing Addendum (DPA). The DPA helps meet onward transfer requirements under the GDPR. The DPA is pre-signed by B4B IT.

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Privacy Policy

Guaranteeing a careful and secure process of the customer’s and the consumer’s data, in particular personal data, is extremely important for B4B IT. You can more information on how we ensure this in our Privacy Policy.

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Cookie Policy

Cookies are also placed on B4B IT’s websites by third parties, for example advertisers and/or social media companies. More information about B4B IT’s use of cookies can be found here.

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